15 Photos that every tourist should take

/15 Photos that every tourist should take

15 Photos that every tourist should take

Why travel?

Traveling is much more than marking things off a list. Like most people you feel excited when you hear about travel, but have you ever thought about your reason for wanting to travel? It’s the first thing you should be clear about. In this way, you will be able to choose your next destination more easily and you will make the most of your stay. Also, if your reason is strong enough, you will be committing in a more concrete way to make your dreams come true. Traveling allows us to create our own stories and have an invaluable list of memorable experiences. It is much better than just accumulating possessions.

When you travel, you discover that you are capable of doing things that you had no idea you could do. These are some reasons why traveling can change your life:

  • Since travel has become a must in most people’s lives, surely you are thinking about what your next destination will be.
  • One of the pleasures of traveling is, without a doubt, to immortalize our stay in the different places visited, then show them to all our friends and acquaintances or simply have a memory forever of the trips through our life. We made a list of places where all tourists should take a picture before returning home.
  1. London drivers are fed up with having to wait for tourists to get their picture taken at the Abbey Road pedestrian crossing emulating The Beatles, but nobody wants to run out of theirs.
  2. More than 4000 years ago the Egyptians decided to build the pyramids of Giza (Cairo, Egypt), could not imagine that tourists would drink the winds by pricking themselves with them as if they were Sleeping Beauty with a spinning wheel.
  3. Not even parents with fifteen children have had as much patience as the Royal Guard at Buckingham Palace(London).
  4. It may not be a picture to show your parents, but if you are in New York and go to Wall Street you cannot leave without a picture with the bull.
  5. Going to Chicago and not taking a photo reflecting in the Cloud Gate of the Millennium Park is almost like not having gone to Chicago.
  6. The Eiffel Tower has seen millions of tourists pose in front of it, but most of them have tried to take it away.
  7. Probably the most original photo you can take is holding the Tower of Pisa. Nobody has ever thought about it, that’s why you cannot leave without yours.
  8. If the Christ, the Redeemer of Brazil asks for a hug, it must be given without excuses.
  9. It doesn’t matter if you have a cell phone in London, you can call from a cabin whatever happens.
  10. In the Salar de Uyuni, in Bolivia, the perception of space when picked up by an objective is confusing. And all tourists take advantage of this effect to get their most “original” photos.
  11. Take a picture while you flip a coin to the Trevi Fountain in Rome and do not leave is complicated, so all tourists pretend to have a decent photo to put on Instagram.
  12. As much as the Statue of Liberty is smaller than you imagined, its raised arm invites its visitors to adopt its same position. Wearing a crown is professional.
  13. Imagine that the Great Sphinx of Giza (Cairo) has been the most kissed place on the planet.
  14. The Sahara desert and its dunes offer a multitude of photographic possibilities, but none is comparable to the image of a tourist riding a camel.
  15. Washington’s Monument (Washington) is approximately 170 meters high, but all tourists insist that it is small as a key ring.
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