4 Mexican paradises to visit in the autumn

/4 Mexican paradises to visit in the autumn

4 Mexican paradises to visit in the autumn

This autumnal season, enjoy a multicolor show in these 4 natural paradises in Mexico that are dyed red and yellow. Never, nor in the class of the best professors of the University, you will learn to handle yourself in this life the way you learn to do it while you travel. Being in a place that is not yours gives you a perspective on life that you cannot explain in words, but that is worth living.

All places have their traditions and consequently have their religions as well. When you travel, you begin to understand that we are all in the same world.  Whether we believe or stop believing only helps us learn more about each other. It is as simple as that -every landscape, every corner, every work of art, and every moment. There is no better camera than the retina of your own eye. Knowing about cultures, habits, and beliefs is one of the most prized reasons to take a trip. So do Mexican paradises have, Let us see the 4 Mexican paradises to visit in the autumn?


Not only in Canada, there are acres of sugar maples, in the West of Jalisco, specifically in the municipality of Talpa de Allende hides a spectacular acre forest. In autumn its beauty will leave you speechless because the leaves of these great trees are dyed in red, orange and yellow colors to create a multicolored show in combination with the purple and white magnolias that grow in the ravines and slopes of the Western Sierra.


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Take advantage of your visit to Talpa de Allende and do not miss the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary and the Chapel of the Cross of Romero, where you can admire the mountainous valley.  Do not forget to bring comfortable clothes and insect repellent.


One of the most striking shows during the fall, especially during the month of October, you will see in this park that is very close to Monterrey. In this season you can witness a wonderful multicolored landscape, especially during this season thousands of monarch butterflies pass by here during their annual migration to the south. In addition, it is an area rich in flora and its forests of pine and oak are painted in colors at this time.

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Do not forget to bring comfortable clothes and shoes so you can enjoy the journey without getting tired. The best thing is that here you can also practice hiking, cycling, and other activities in its viewpoints, recreational areas and the inventory and butterfly farm.


A very short time from Zamora, Michoacan, is the fascinating Lake Camécuaro that during the autumnal season and due to the reddish leaves of the trees, changes color, the waters turning from blue to brick color. In this place, you will not only be able to take a boat ride, but you will also be able to camp and relax in its hot springs pools.

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For your visit to Zamora, take the opportunity to visit its Cathedral and the one that was left unfinished.


A good opportunity to visit this place is during the autumn, as its peaks begin to cover with snow, creating a truly beautiful landscape, especially because the colors of the Xinantécatl volcano are reflected in the green and blue water of the El Sol lakes and Moon.

  • Traveler’s tip

Take into account that the temperature is cold, so look well wrapped and wear appropriate footwear with anti-slip sole.

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