The 7 most expensive meals in the world

/The 7 most expensive meals in the world

The 7 most expensive meals in the world

We all love to eat on special occasions, we are willing to pay more than normal for a good meal, many of us have been surprised by a higher bill than we expected, but when the food exceeds our expectations, the price is not a problem. A good dining experience is priceless, but really, how much would we pay for some of our favorite dishes? The Guinness Book of Records is full of strange things, complicated deeds, and peculiar people, but it also has a section dedicated to food, in this list we share some meals that should certainly among its pages for being the most expensive in the world.

  • Bagel at the Westin

Cost: $ 1,000 dlls

What it is: A common bagel, but what raises its price is the cream cheese with white truffle, one of the most expensive meals in the world, a jam with the infusion of goji berry and the gold leaf with it, which seems a bit excessive.

  • Hot dog at 230 Fifth

Cost: $ 2,300 dlls

What it is: not the typical hot dog you find in the corners of New York submerged in water of suspicious color, this is made with wagyu meat cured for 60 days, caramelized onions in Dom Perignon, Cristal champagne and decorated with caviar and lobster, to provide it, it has to be ordered 48 hours in advance and a part of its cost is donated to charitable organizations, although that is no less absurd.

  • Rib Steak by Boucherie Polmand

Cost: $ 3,200

What it is: if the piece of meat that you are going to eat comes from extremely rare cattle, raised especially to obtain the best meat and that is also vintage you can expect the cost of your food to be high. The meat comes from Blond Aquitaine cows and is preserved in special refrigerators for years. To minimize the stress level of the animals and ensure the best quality and flavor, cows have all the necessary space to move without worries on a farm in northern France.

  • Black watermelon Denzuke from Hokkaido island in Japan

Cost: $ 6,100 dlls

What it is: this is one of the rarest fruit in the world, they only grow on the island of Hokkaido and one crop produces only 12 watermelons covered by an intense black shell.

  • The Frrrozen Haute Chocolate in Serendipity 3

Cost: $ 25,000 dlls

What it is: Declared the most expensive dessert by the Guinness record, it is a milk chocolate milkshake covered with 25 grams of edible 24 carat gold and decorated with a Madeline Truffe, the most expensive chocolate truffle in the world with a cost of $ 250 dollars. Serendipity is famous for its frozen desserts, and it certainly elevates chocolate milkshakes to another category.

  • Caviar Souls of Caviar House & Prunier

Cost: $ 25,000 dlls

What it is: one of the rarest beluga caviar in the world from Iran. Caviar is nothing more than fish eggs, but the difficulty to get it and the rarity of the animal comes from it makes it one of the most expensive meals in the world, the caviar Souls is difficult to find and at the moment it is sold only in Caviar House & Prunier in London.

  • Alba white truffle from Italy

Cost: $ 160,000 dlls

What it is: a small mushroom, like mushrooms, that grows underground, the white truffle of dawn is almost impossible to grow and keep, the best belong to the lands of Alba in the Piedmont region in Italy and can only be found during the fall. Its price depends on its size, the largest of this has record weight of 1.5 kilos and came to cost $ 160,400 dollars and was purchased by a businessman from Hong Kong. The question is, Would you be willing to pay this amount to satisfy your whim?

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